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Music Production (Pre-studio, Recording, Mixing): Please click here for more information.

Post-Production and CD Mastering: A good mastering requires a combination of music conception and technical knowledge - you sure need excellent equipment but also musical decisions made over an artistic viewpoint. Our highly trained engineers are highly skilled musicians too. Master your music with VMA and get the personalized mastering your work demands, working with the best experts on the market. We can meet any competitive professional post-production prices, providing you with top of the line professional mastering services. We also cover every aspect of the post-production process - noise reduction (when needed), stereo field, EQ, compressing, limiting, etc. Have your music in the professional level required by the music industry. DISCOUNTS TO INDIE ARTISTS AND RECORD LABELS: Send us an e-mail asking for our quotes, mention the keyword 'INDIE' and get a huge discount for our audio mastering services.

- SAMPLES: VMA's Post-Production / CD-DVD Mastering

(CD Mastering: Click the links - Volumes, EQ, and other characteristics may vary due to MP3 encoding)

CD Mastering - Rap / Hip Hop (1)
audio sample
CD Mastering - Rap / Hip Hop (2)
audio sample

CD Mastering - Rap / Hip Hop (3)
audio sample
CD Mastering - Rap / Hip Hop (4)

CD Mastering - R&B
CD Mastering - Pop

CD Mastering - Pop
CD Mastering - Rock / Metal

- Disco / Dance
- Electronoic / Ambient

- Trance
- New Age

- Jazz / Jazz Band
- Jazz / Piano Solo

- Instrumental
- Solo Guitar / Flamenco


- More SAMPLES / CD Mastering - Compare Tracks (Before and After):

Track: "Geni" (Instrumental Pop Crossover)

Before Mastering:

CD Mastering - BEFORE (Audio Clip)

Track: "Geni" (Instrumental Pop Crossover)

After Mastering:

CD Mastering - AFTER (Audio Clip)


PRICES to fit all budgets.
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