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About VMA Productions: VMA and its associates provide a vast array of professional audio and music services that cover all stages of any kind of project - from composing (soundtracks, jingles, classical, pop), arranging/orchestration, music engraving/score preparation, to music production, sound design for theater and films and CD/DVD post-production & mastering. Our artist services include music consulting, career development, marketing strategies, visual image development/styling, CD Cover/Press-Media quality photography, national publicity and career guidance. We also offer top-of-the-line music industry ready website design (with optimization: websites will be generously listed on major search engines!), complete with audio encoding and other features.

PRICES: Because each client is unique and our services are so varied, we are not able to post a price list. Our fees are tailored to the individual needs of the artist/business/project.
E-mail us (, explaining us your project and we are ready to help you. Include your phone number for a quicker response.

VMA - Clients & Projects:

Our clients, projects and collaborations speak for the quality of our services:

- DreamWorks Pictures

- NBC Network

- Disney Channel

- Mattel

- New Yorker Films


- Orfeu / Movie

- Martha, Inc. / Movie

- Joseph: King Of Dreams


- Theatre Communications Group

- Musical Theatre Works / NY

- Prince Music Theatre / PA

- La MaMa Theater / NY

- The Producer's Club / NY

- Gotham City Improv / NY

- Fringe Festival NYC

- Performance Space 122 / NY


- Hal Leonard Publishing

- Roger&Hammerstein

- Williamson Music

- HapperCollins

- Art Garfunkel

- Michael Feinstein

- John Bucchino

- Billy Stritch

- Bebel Gilberto

- Annette Artani

- Shelly Markham


- Fishé

- William Edge

- Ron Leone

- Luther McGiniss

- Kimberly West

- Twitch


- Corporate Seal Records

- Sounds Blue Music

- 13th Floor Entertainment

- Brant Entertainment

- Maerman Records

- Deron Tucker

- Chameckilerner


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